Waxing, Tinting &
Body Treatments

Signature Body Scrub (60m)

Our signature Body Scrub is used to exfoliate away dry skin and leave the client soft and glowing. This luxurious body treatment includes a gentle body dry brushing and handpicked products that provide an invigorating exfoliation and rejuvenating body butter. The treatment takes an hour and leaves our clients feeling renewed, refreshed and relaxed.

Foot Relax Treatment (45m)

The Foot Relax Treatment is a fabulous treat for the feet. We start with a warm, relaxing Epsom Salt Foot Soak. Your feet will then be gently dried and your feet, ankles, and calves will receive a dry brushing. After an exfoliating scrub used to stimulate the skin our therapists will apply a hydrating mask before adding targeted foot massage to round out this perfect pampering service.

Lash Tinting Services

Lash Tint $30 15mins

Lash Tinting is a service that uses Semi-permanent dye to intensify and enhance your natural lashes by darkening them. It provides a natural definition and can mimic the look of mascara, depending on your chosen color. Please arrive without eye makeup and remove contacts before service.

Eyebrow Tint $30 15mins

An Eyebrow Tint uses Semi-permanent dye to enhance the shape of your brows and define them. We recommend Tinting for those who may want a bolder appearance or whose brows are thinning or changing color.

Eyebrow wax and Tint- $37 30min

Eyebrow wax with Eyebrow and Lash Tint- $55 45 mins

Eyebrow Wax

Our Eyebrow wax comes in two service options; the quick “Clean-up” option is for those who already have an established shape and require little to no shaping. This option is perfect for those who are on a maintenance schedule. The “Shape-up” option is best for those who need detailed work and a more personalized approach. During the “Shape-up” eyebrow service, we will have a thorough consultation and practice custom brow shaping techniques to ensure the best results.

  • Clean-up $15 10-min service
  • Shape-up $30 25-min service

Additional Waxing Services

  • Upper Lip Wax $15 10 mins
  • Chin Wax $15 10 mins
  • Full Face Wax $40 30 mins
  • Nostril Wax $25 mins 20 mins
  • Ear Wax $15 10 mins
  • Underarm Wax $35 15 mins
  • Full Back Wax $65 45 mins
  • Half Back Wax $50 30 mins

Bikini Line Wax $45 20 mins - $45

This wax covers any area a regular pair of underwear or swimsuit does not cover.

Bikini Plus $55 30mins

A Bikini Plus wax is the perfect in-between of a Bikini wax and a full Brazilian wax. The entire bikini line is waxed, and “rear” cleanup is also provided. Hair is left on the most sensitive areas along with a strip. This wax creates a clean appearance and is an excellent start for those considering working their way up to a Brazilian wax.

Brazilian Wax 60 mins $75

A Brazilian wax includes a full front waxing and “Rear” cleanup. Clients may choose to leave a strip in the front if they prefer.

Maintenance Brazilian Wax

45 mins; $65 4-5 week follow up

This waxing service is the same as a standard Brazilian Wax; however, it is for clients on a maintenance schedule who already have had a Brazilian Wax within a reasonable maintenance time frame. It should be booked out 4 to 5 weeks from your last appointment.

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