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At Lake Anna Spa, we invite you to experience the timeless art of massage, where ancient wisdom meets modern relaxation. Our expert therapists seamlessly blend traditional techniques with contemporary approaches, ensuring a holistic journey that goes beyond the physical to rejuvenate your mind and spirit.

Relax & Relieve Stress

Unwind and release stress through slow and rhythmic strokes, kneading, and pressure to help you into a restful state.

Ease Deep Aches & Pains

Smooth, heated oil or stones release deep muscle aches and pains, combined with a therapeutic full-body restorative massage.

Unlock Muscle Restrictions

Stretch and release muscle tensions and restriction in the body to allow for greater flexibility and movement.

Massage Services

NOTE: All Massage services other than Specialty services are priced to streamline the membership programs. Booking based on a description helps point the client in the right direction for the best possible service and helps the therapist better understand what a client expects during the massage. All Restore Members pay a base price for all Massages except Specialty Massages.

Customized Massage Services

Relaxation Massage (Swedish) - 30/60/90/120mins

  • Relax Member Pricing 60/90min: $90/$140
  • Restore Member Pricing 60 90min: $100/$150
  • Non-Member Pricing: $85/$105/$155/$200

Unwind and forget about the stresses of the day with a gentle massage. Slow and rhythmic strokes, gentle kneading, and light pressure will help you to relax into a restful state.

Whole Body Hot Stone Massage - 60/90/120mins

  • Not included for Relax Members
  • Restore Member Pricing 60 90min: $100/$150
  • Non-Member Pricing: $105/$155/$200

Smooth heated basalt stones are used to ease deep muscle aches and pains. Combined with a therapeutic full-body massage, our specialty stones allow this treatment to melt through tension and increase relaxation.

Whole Body Cupping Therapy - 30/60/90 

  • Relax Member Pricing 60/90min: $90/$140
  • Restore Member Pricing 60 90min: $100/$150
  • Non-Member Pricing: $85/$105/$155

This treatment focuses on the practitioner using vacuum cups to unlock the muscular restrictions holding you back. Creating a suction over the top of the muscles to pull instead of push to stretch and release tension and restriction in the body. This service allows for greater flexibility and movement and focuses on full-body cupping versus adding cups as an add-on.

Sports Massage - 60/90/120mins $105/$155/$200

  • Relax Member Pricing 60/90min: $90/$140
  • Restore Member Pricing 60 90min: $100/$150
  • Non-Member Pricing: $105/$155/$200

Helping improve flexibility and range of motion in sore and tight muscles with gentle assisted stretching techniques and massage therapy. This treatment is an ideal session for the avid athlete or weekend warrior.

Deep Restorative Massage - 30/60/90/120mins $105/$155/$200

  • Relax Member Pricing 60/90min: $90/$140
  • Restore Member Pricing 60 90min: $100/$150
  • Non-Member Pricing: $85/$105/$155/$200

Firm and deep pressure is used to alleviate even the toughest muscle aches. Every massage is customized to the client's specific tension zones and unique aches and pains. Our goal during this session is to help fix chronic problems and pain. Many clients can experience soreness after a deep tissue massage, but their daily quality of life and range of motion often improve once it goes away.

Myofascial Release Massage - 60/90/120mins $105/$155/$200

  • Relax Member Pricing 60/90min: $90/$140
  • Restore Member Pricing 60 90min: $100/$150
  • Non-Member Pricing: $85/$105/$155/$200

Targeting chronicle tension and pain in muscles that are deep below the body's surfaces. Utilizing specific trigger point therapy techniques to release restrictions from injuries past and present.

Pregnancy Massage - 60/90mins $105/$155

  • Relax Member Pricing 60/90min: $90/$140
  • Restore Member Pricing 60 90min: $100/$150
  • Non-Member Pricing: $85/$105/$155/$200

Helping expectant mothers decompress their body's stress and tension during pregnancy. Our massage therapists are experts in relaxation and utilize a reclining table, pillows, and bolsters to create a supportive rest for Momma to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. (120 mins available upon request)

Specialized Massage Services

Lymphatic Drainage Massage - 60mins $115

This gentle therapy helps encourage lymph node drainage and improve fluid movement around the body. It is beneficial for people with lymphedema, those about to undergo surgery, and after surgical procedures to speed up healing and recovery. (Best for post-surgical clients. We highly recommend this in a series of 3 sessions.)

Scar Tissue Release - 60mins $105

Scar Tissue Release is a unique style of massage used to address previous injuries, post-surgical sites, and post-surgical pain. Scar Tissue Release and Integrative Techniques allow the practitioner to improve the visual appearance of scar tissue and significantly reduce the strain and pain caused by unseen adhesions and scar tissue that has negatively formed in the body. Assisted stretching and MPS techniques give us the ability to help with external and internal scar tissue.

Couples Massage - 60 mins $200/ 90 mins $300

Have you been looking for that special treat for you and your favorite loved one or favorite friend? Our couples massage takes therapy and relaxation to a new level while allowing you to spend time with those who mean the most to you. Our therapists will perform your massages in our couples' room with side-by-side tables so you can enjoy your relaxation with your loved one. Every couple's massage keeps its therapeutic value but also brings a luxurious feel that will leave you excited to book your next session.

Massage Upgrade Selections

These add-ons add more depth to a standard massage service. Their uses are to assist the therapist in creating a more relaxing experience and to help achieve better results in the allotted time. If you wish to have full-body hot stones or cupping, you should book these services as their own separate services versus the add-on selection so your therapist can adequately prepare. Most Massage Add-ons are included in our Restore level Membership.

Cupping Therapy-  $15

Unlock muscular restrictions that are holding you back with cupping therapy. Creating a suction over the top of the muscles to pull instead of push to stretch and release tension and restriction in the body. This add-on allows for greater flexibility and movement.

ELO Hot Stones - $10

Upgrade your service with our top-of-the-line innovative hot stone system. These specially engineered hot stones heat from the inside out and can be adjusted to the perfect temperature at the turn of a knob. Made of a unique non-porous material, they do not absorb bacteria, oils, or body liquids for medical-grade hygiene. Melt your aches and pains away with this perfect professional upgrade.

Aromatherapy - $5

Take a deep breath and relax. Pure Essential oils will be carefully selected and used during your massage to enhance your experience.

Scalp Massage Ritual -$15

 Enjoy yourself with a moisturizing and soothing Scalp Massage Ritual. Our Thara Sacra balm melts into oil on contact with the skin, allowing it to glide smoothly on the scalp. Hydrating and healing, this 10-minute routine can help nourish dry skin and hair strands while uplifting and grounding you, leaving you in a place of peace and relaxation.

Spa Memberships

& Service Packages

We believe in the power of consistent self-care, and that's why membership is at the heart of our philosophy, and our steadfast recommendation is a monthly indulgence. Elevate your relaxation routine with regular massages and expert guidance. Built around an affordability, Lake Anna Spa is introducing two tiers: Relax and Restore. Enjoy a monthly massage session and exclusive discounts on other services.



60 min - $90 | 90 min - $140

The "Relax" monthly membership is our 1st tier membership that receives an immediate discount. This tier membership DOES NOT include add-ons or discounts on other services throughout the month. Our “Relax” Membership still upcharges for all add-ons such as hot stones, cupping, and aromatherapy.


60 min - $100 | 90 min - $150

The "Restore" 90-minute monthly membership is our 2nd tier membership. This tier membership includes add-ons such as hot stones, cupping, and aromatherapy. It guarantees you our signature services with the special touches many of our clients have grown to love and appreciate. Along with the addition of included add-ons that do not add time to your service, we have a series of other rewards that come with enrollment into this category of membership.

  • 5% off additional services throughout the month
  • 10% off Osmosis products
  • Free 30-minute upgrade on birthday month
  • Free additional Hot Stones, Cupping, or Aromatherapy
  • Early access and VIP access to future events and offers.

Use your services anytime you want AND have the opportunity to buy now and pay later! With the Vagaro Pay Later option, you can purchase your package and pay in 4 Interest-Free installments.

  •  3x/5x/10x (60min- $95 a session/90min- $145 a session)
  • 60 min Massage - $285/$475/$950
  • 90 min Massage - $435/$725/$1,450
  • Lymphatic Massage Package: 3x 60min session - $330

 *Packages are not shareable

  • Massage Memberships may be used by a spouse or a relative as approved by Lake Anna Spa leadership.
  • 5% off additional services in the Restore Package applies only to the account holder and the discount is not shareable among friends and family. If you are buying this and plan to share it with a relative, husband, or wife, please decide who would benefit the most from the extra discount.
  • Massages will not roll over to the next month. If an emergency occurs, please contact the Spa, and an exception can be considered with clear communication. Life happens; we understand. Just talk to us.

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